Programs & Classes

Our studio offers a wide variety of dance styles that are designed to meet each student's competency level. We are recognized as a leader in dance training in the Capital Region. Our teachers create original routines for each class that are rewarding and challenging for each student to perform.




Proficient tap dancers can only be developed when proper attention has been devoted to correct technique and an exact sense of rhythm. Body placement, the correct way of striking the taps, patterns and balance are essential ingredients for the good dancer to excel.


Jazz dance takes the basic principles of ballet technique and liberates it, by utilizing various styles of music. Classes consist of center warm up, stretching, across the floor progressions and varied stylistic combinations. Jazz creates a powerful and versatile dancer.


Ballet classes are graded from Beginner-Ballet to Advanced-Ballet technique. 



Children ages 6 - 8. Basic barre and floor technique are introduced at this level. 


Children ages 9 & up. Beginner students are placed in classes according to age. The length of the class and the number of classes per week depends on the student's level of advancement. Class time is devoted to barre and center floor technique. 


Intermediate and advanced students who have developed sufficient strength are selected for pointe class. Students are taught to execute ballet technique on full pointe.


Creative Dance

An introductory program for children ages 4 - 5 designed to enhance rhythmic skills, coordination, and a genuine love for dance. Children in these classes are taught simple tap and ballet exercises, nursery rhymes and a variety of rhythmic activities.

A wonderful introduction for 3 year olds to the world of dance. With age appropriate exercises and activities, varied music styles, and an emphasis on fun, children learn to express themselves by moving to the music.



New Beginner Classes - Fall 2018

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All listed classes are for beginner students only and are one hour in length. The complete schedule of classes is not listed on this website. For placement beyond the beginner level, please call the studio at (518) 393-7827 to schedule an in-person evaluation.


Upcoming Adult Sessions will be announced on our website banner and Facebook page for season 2018 - 2019.
Call the studio at (518) 393-7827 for details.