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Observation Classes Policy

Observation classes are for parents/legal guardians and are strictly limited to the scheduled dates. No other observations are permitted. No exceptions.

In order to make observation classes as meaningful as possible we ask for your thoughtful consideration in observing the following guidelines:

  1. Please be on time for the class; late arrivals are a distraction to the students and teachers.
  2. Please turn OFF all electronic devices.
  3. Use the time to observe the class. You are a guest of the teacher and students - we appreciate your attention.
  4. If younger siblings must attend, they are to remain seated and quiet. They must not participate in the class or create a disturbance of any kind.


Class Guidelines

  • Always be on time for class.
  • Wear dance attire (see below).
  • Be attentive in class and put forth your best effort.
  • In the event you must be absent from class, please call and notify the studio at (518) 393-7827.

Success in the class directly correlates with attendance. With the exception of illness, students need to make a commitment to attending every class. We want our students to have a positive, rewarding experience. When students miss multiple classes, it has a negative impact on their dance education.

Dance Attire

  • Ballet - Leotard, pink or black tights, skirt (optional), pink ballet slippers, hair in ballet bun
  • Jazz & Tap - Leotard, tank-top or t-shirt, tights or black jazz pants/capris. Keep hair away from your face (ie: in a pony tail)

Please no writing on the derriere of dance pants, no hooded sweatshirts, and no jewelry.

Pick Up

Parents - please make sure to pick up your child on time! If you are going to be late for any reason, please call (518) 393-7827 and let us know. Keep in mind, on Fridays we close at 6:00 PM.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Announcements are made on local television and radio stations. The announcements are posted on the news station's websites and are also sometimes broadcasted on the air. In addition, an announcement is placed on our website and answering service. Please DO NOT assume that the studio will be closed if school is closed. We monitor the weather and if conditions improve we do not close. Please check the media, our Facebook page, or call the studio at (518) 393-7827 if you are in doubt.

Food & Drink

Students and parents should not bring any beverages other than water in the office waiting area or studio. Please be careful when eating any snacks and remember to clean up after yourselves. There is absolutely no food inside the dance studios.


Parking is available in the rear and front of the building. Please exercise extreme care entering and exiting the lot - as the same driveway is used for in and out. Parking is allowed on the side streets. Stewart's lot is NOT available to use and in the past they have threatened to tow. Please DO NOT park or stand in the neighbor's driveway. It is connected to ours but we are not permitted to use it.

Thank you for your cooperation!